Tuesday, January 26, 2010

She Sleeps

Olivia has NOT been taking naps for about a month now. This was NOT my decision either. But since she has decided that she is done with naps, we started doing "Quiet Time". It has been going pretty good for the most part. She usually wants to put all the couch pillows on the floor and watch one of "Libby's shows" as she says. So I put in one of her shows and she quietly watches for about 15 minutes before moving on to something else that she would rather do. Before, I know it... "quiet time" is no longer quiet and my house has been turned up-side down! However, on occasion, she will fall asleep on her own, when she really is just exhausted! Today, was one of the those rare occasions... She fell ASLEEP!! Hallelujah!! Thank you! It was a great afternoon! And I was able to get a few things done. He she is... just sleeping away on her couch pillows!

I couldn't resist taking pictures, worried that the flash may wake her, but it didn't even phase her. She was that tired!

And then, the time came. I had to wake her. If only I could have those quiet moments more often..... ahhh.


lrbodine said...

I feel your pain! Nap time is no longer at our house. And I have to be careful about "quiet time" even because if Ellie does fall asleep - she is up until midnight! We've just gone back to an early bedtime.

Maria said...

OH no! So hard when you lose nap time.. believe it or not Abby, at four and a half takes a nap about 80 percent of the time.. I count my blessings every day! Good luck!

WalkConkies said...

Wow. My kiddos have always gone 3 years or so with naps. Good luck with that Heather! Oh, and i love her elephant blanket - Jesi helped me pick out that fabric - and that was the last they had of it - so it is fun to see that it has been well loved! She sure is a cutie!

Clint * Jennelle * Channing said...

So cute! I hope that Channing doesn't give up his naps soon! I depend on that time for my sanity! She is so cute and definitely looks like a Weekley!