Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Past Time

Olivia has found a few new past time things that she really likes. One is Hide n' Seek. She says to me and Chris all the time, "hide, hide, hide!!" She loves to hide in our bed and under blankets. Her newest place of hiding is in our closet. It was kind of hard to find her with her legs hanging out;)! But I was proud of her cleverness!

"Come find me Mom!"

And another one of her past times that she loves is to push the chair over to the sink and play with anything in the sink...and she loves the water. It usually ends up all over. But hey, it can be wiped up! So have fun Livi!

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The Jackson Three said...

Very cute. CJ also loves hide-n-seek but doesn't quite get the part where he counts and tries to find us.