Monday, August 29, 2011

Not a very typical morning

Today started out like most of our other mornings, well at least one thing was normal about this morning.  Weston was stirring a little in his crib making some noise, but not ready to fully wake up.  (He does this every morning) He usually just wants us to put in the binki and he goes right back to sleep.  So Chris got up and went up stairs and put his bink in.  ---- And then this is where our everyday, normal morning turned out to be not so normal. ----  He came back down stairs and instead of getting back into bed for 30 min or so before he needed to get up, he went into the bathroom and grabbed his glasses and started putting on some clothes.. (no he wasn't naked, he was putting on clothes to go outside, again, it's just after 6:00 am) So I said, "what are you doing?" and he replied, "there is smoke coming from our back neighbors house." So I then jumped out of bed and looked out my blinds and fair enough, there was smoke, a lot of it, coming from our neighbors house. So I threw on some clothes,  grabbed my phone and went outside.  And to our surprise the curious smoke was this house on FIRE!
I took this photo with my phone right before the firefighters started spraying.
No one else was around or outside so we figured there was still people sleeping inside.  So Chris started banging on doors and was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher and I ran around to the back door and started yelling and lucky for me and those inside the house, their back door was unlocked, so I opened it and stepped in and started yelling "THERES AND FIRE! WAKE UP! GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!"  and luckily a colleged aged girl woke up and got her father and they got out of the house. Shortly after the fire trucks and fire fighters were there and in not time the fire was out.  I am happy to say, everyone is okay. So a big thanks to Weston for wanting his binki this morning, and a huge thank you to Chris for paying enough attention to notice that something wasn't right... otherwise, there may have been a more tragic ending. 
 Just a side note, we watched this side of the house go up in flames rather fast, I was surpised at how long it took for the smoke detectors to go off.  So check your smoke detectors and make sure your batteries are good.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

 While we were in Utah, we traveled over to Colorado for Chris' grandfathers funeral.  It was a great service and we were thankful we were able to be there to remember and celebrate Ole Starkey's life.
Here we are with Grandma Starkey at the funeral

Weston and Chris wearing Grandpas favorite hat.

On the way over to the funeral we made a pit stop in Aspen.  We had never been there, and since it was on the way, it made for a great place to stop and let the kids (okay, me too) get out and run around.
 We had a great time walking around and seeing the beauty of Aspen.  Olivia was not to excited to get next to this bear.  It was made out of nails. Pretty cool up close.

Then a few steps down the road we found her a bear.... just her size, that wasn't as scary looking.  Again, the bear was made out of nails.  She didn't look at him, but at least she touched his paw.
Aspen has good reason for it's name.  I don't think I have ever seen such a dense population of aspen trees so close together.  It was beautiful. (pictures really don't do it any justice)
And well, Olivia, Smiling is just too boring for her.  She manages to always do something other than smile for the camera!

 We also went up over independence pass. It was a gorgeous but winding drive. However it made for a fun little adventure.  We spent a lot of time in the car in the month of July, but saw some of the most beautiful places along the way.  This is one we can add to the list.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

While in Utah, we were able to spend lots of time with grandma and grandpa, and all of my family. Olivia loved spending time with her cousins and didn't want to go home when our time was up.  
She just LOVES her cousin Sydney.  (and Blake too!)
This is our attempt at getting a photo of all the cousins together. 

On the 4th we had a BBQ up the canyon...and found a little trail to go on a little hike.

And we did fireworks.  Olivia loves fireworks! She had fun helping dad light them too.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hair Cut

 When Olivia was 9 months old she didn't have any hair.   (I can't believe that she was once
this little.)


And although Weston doesn't have what some would say a full head of hair, he definitely has more than Olivia had at 18 months old. So a few weeks ago, he got his first hair cut. 

Profile After:

 (cat call whistle)