Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Since my sewing machine is out...

After sewing Olivia's shirt together, I thought I would give one of my old white shirts that I never wear, a try. Time to re-vamp a few things in my closet... So I thought I would start with this one.

1. Old white shirt in my closet that is collecting dust.

2. Take scrapped piece of Chiffon that I have and ruffle it on my machine.

3. Pin it onto my shirt in a way that I think I would actually wear it out of the house.
(This was the worst part of the process, I think I stuck my fingers, hands, and arms a gazillion times!)

4. Sew it on! ( It took some time and a few swear words, but it's on)

5. The finished look. Add skinney Jeans, Tall riding boots and a cardigan... And I am ready for a night out with the girls sipping my steamer, sitting in our favorite coffee shop!
Now its your turn. If you can sew, even just a beginner like myself, you can do it!

And this is a Blog milestone for me. I don't think I have ever posted blogs on back to back days! Aren't you proud?!


lrbodine said...

That is really cute! I'm impressed with both your shirt and the one for Olivia. I wish I knew how to even use my sewing machine. :)

krystal said...

you're one hot momma walker. i love the shirt and love having hot cocoa with you and kate. keep up the good work.

Mikki said...

Sexy Mama!

des said...

I saw this the other day, but didn't have time to leave a note! but you are SOOOO awesome. I LOVe LOVE love your shirt. you are so cute. I need to go through my closet and do it. I'll probably be calling you on it. haha.
And liv's dress is great. I am going to try something similar to it but it doesn't cut off the bottom, I like that you cut off the bottom-it totally lets her wear it so much longer. and the socks- never would have thought of it. so creative.

The Shane Gang said...

You are the cutest thing ever! Thanks for the inspiration!