Monday, February 21, 2011


These two are keeping me busy, but they are so much fun. The camera is usually laying around the house or close by so that if the right moment comes I can snap of pic of the them doing what they do. However by the time I am ready to snap the picture, the moment is over and getting them to both smile for me has long gone. So here is what our photo shoots look like:

Me:"Olivia, open your eyes!"

Me:"Olivia, keep your eyes open, and try not to touch Weston."

Both the kiddos have there eyes open and are sorta smiling. We'll take it.

A few days later I was able to get a couple of good pics of them. Weston is almost 4 months now. Crazy. These are a couple of my favorite things/people.

And since the camera has been hanging around on the coffee table, kitchen counter, side tables, and desk...Olivia has managed to take a few (actually a lot) pics of Wesman. And out of the many, many pictures she took, a few actually turned out where you could see Weston's face. Here are the pics from the future photographer:


Roo said...

darling kids!
BTW: one of my favorite friends from Ithaca is Brooke Ewing(married name). I think you worked with her at the Pizza Factory.

des said...

So cute. He is getting so big holy cow. I'm quite partial to the bald head, blue eyes and pokey out ears...Jack was exactly the same and its SO awesome. I can see some of livs in him-in his eyes. they are adorable.

Jen said...

Precious! The last picture looks EXACTLY like Livi.

Larry said...

Little Weston gets cuter and cuter each time I see him!

Talai said...

My picture taking session sound similar, but you did manage to get some great ones. Weston's smile is so darn cute.

krystal said...

awww, they're so cute walker. i love your commentary. miss you guys.