Monday, January 17, 2011

The Boys

At Christmas my SIL Liz took pics of the 3 newest members of our family. All Boys. The oldest of the three is Tate, Jenny and Larry's little guy. He was born 2 months before Weston. Then up next is our Wes-man, and just one week after Weston came Grayson, David and Liz's boy. And although he is the youngest of the bunch, he is the biggest!

From L to R: Tate, Weston, Grayson

It was fun to get pics of these guys together on their first Christmas. (Liz bought them all these outfits and then embellished them with their Initials. So cute!)

I was also impressed with the three of them for doing so well while Liz was snapping pics.
No one cried!


Jen said...

That little man Tate is adorable! :)

des said...

HOW FUN!!! 3 boys same age will be awesome, and loud and and busy when they get together but still the coolest things. love the pictures and outfits.

The Jackson Three said...

So dang cute! They are all so darling - and Liz did a great job on the outfits. I love the look on Weston's face in the first one!

krystal said...

so cute walker. i love the pictures, they're adorable.