Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Seattle Labor Day Weekend

For Labor day we headed over to Seattle. But on the way we made a pit stop at Leavenworth. It is a cute little Bavarian town not too far from Seattle. There are a lot of great shops and in each one you went into it felt like Christmas. So I found a pic on google of it a Christmas time. I think next time we go, we will do it around the holidays because I would like to see it decked out in lights like he picture below for myself.

Olivia is holding her Santa snow globe that she got there. Unfortunately she dropped it and it is already broken.

Then, we headed over to seattle. We did the downtown thing and there I was able to get me some of this... aaahhhhh. It was nice to be there.

We were able to hit up Safeco Field and see the Mariners play a game before their season is over.

Gotta love the moose. Olivia wouldn't take a pic with him by herself... so Dad to the rescue. I think he was enjoying it more then her by the look on his face!

Olivia did so good at the game. Near the end she managed to lay in the seat and get nice and comfortable.

We went on a Ferry ride...

And then we hit up Snoqualmie Falls on our way out.

We had a great time. Ate a ton of food and spent time with family. What else could be better?
(not an Alaskan cruise....I'm still a little bitter)


Jen said...

To replace the snowglobe, just buy Livi a princess balloon. :) And Chris one too.

The Crandizzles said...

What a cute little town! I love making little stops like that, makes the trip so much more enjoyable! And were you going to go on that free Alaskan cruise next September? Is that what you were talking about?

Rachel said...

What a fun trip, I have been to Snoqualmie Falls many times. It's Beautiful!! Seattle is a fun place and it looks like you guys really enjoyed it. You look so good for an 8 month preggers gal!! Hope your feeling well and that he arrives safely and promptly!!