Thursday, November 19, 2009

176 Days of Building Our House

We have completed our house and are in the process of making it our home. We moved in about 2 months ago and have loved being here. I posted several pics, proof of our adventure in building a home. Luckily, we didn't have too many bumps in the road while building,
which made the process a lot of fun for me. And the end result was exactly the way I pictured!

This is what the lot looked like right before they started to dig the hole for our foundation.

We were so excited to have a hole in the ground.
Shortly after the hole was dug, we had footings and a foundation poured.

Then started the framing process. The house is taking shape!!

We have bedrooms!

Then came the roof and windows.

And some siding.

Along with some plumbing, electrical, hvac, insulation, and drywall.

Then, I decided to take on some tiling. I laid all of the tile in the house. (my hands and fingers were sore for days!)

Then we hired a painter to drive 700 miles to paint our house. Adam, my brother painted the whole house along with the kitchen and laundry room cabinets. Above is a pic of the kitchen before he painted the cabinets. We had a great time putting in 15 hour days for a 10 days straight. But it was worth it. I love the way it all turned out! And the memories... still have me laughing.

Then our driveway and front porch were poured.

And the outside was painted and the retaining walls were put up. (thanks to my awesome husband who stacked a majority of those 90 lb blocks!)
This is our house...176 days later.

We love it! Stay tuned for inside pics. Coming very, very soon!!


Maria said...

I just love it so much! You are such a blessed girl! I miss you and hope all is well for your family!

Rachel said...

It's beautiful Heather!! How exciting for you guys! I love the color of the exterior and the layout! Can't wait to see the inside pictures!

Jen B. said...

It looks great - cant wait to see it in a few days. :)

CaraNathan said...

Cute! I love the craftsman style- it's my favorite!

Melinda Jones said...

Wow! I am so impressed. What a beautiful home, I am so excited for you. You did an incredible job on the tile, I certainly could not have pulled that off.

Julie said...

Heather--what a fun blog. I found you via McMillans. I just have to say that I for one am glad you are here and have built such a great house to party in!

Clint * Jennelle * Channing said...

What a cute house! I miss the new houses out west! My house is 60 years old! Congrats!

Jennah said...

What a beautiful home! You are one lucky girl. I can't wait to see pictures of how you decorate! Miss you!

The Jackson Three said...

Such great pics - so fun to see the process. And so happy for you guys - you finally deserve a place of your own again! :)

jamilucas said...

I love, LOVE your house! Can I have it? I will trade you 1 in-laws basement! Love the color and siding and white accents!!