Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's been a busy June!!

The month of June has flown by!! I feel like I've added a few months to my already very old 6 1/2 months.

To update you all on what I've been up to, I've posted some pictures below.

Grandma and Grandpa Walker visited from Idaho and we went to the zoo, ate mommy's favorite food (deaji bulkogi), and went to Park City to watch cousin Sydney and Kendal's dance recital.

Believe it or not the picture below was taken in June. We all got together to watch the fireworks during Eagle Mountain's Pony Express Days. I'm hiding in the blanket Jen's holding.

The month of June is filled with family birthdays. Happy Birthday Aunt Jen, Aunt Krissy, Aunt Heidi, and cousin Blake. Below is a picture from Krissy's birthday and one from Blake's birthday.

The weather finally warmed up and we got to go on Uncle Adam's new boat. I really liked it. I'll have to convince my daddy to get one some day.

I got to meet up with my big city boyfriend from New York, Curtis. Don't tell my dad but I think he's pretty cute.

Mom and I went and took some glamor shots to give to my daddy for Daddy's Day. Thanks Aunt Liz for taking such good shots. The pictures turned out great and my daddy loved them.


The Jackson Three said...

Curtis is still talking about his date with Oivia! And the pictures turned out great - love them!!

Rachel Lassen said...

Heather, you two look beautiful! I love those pictures. It looks like you guys have been way busy!! We need to get together some time!

The Shane Gang said...

What great glamour shots. Two of the cutest girls on the block I'm sure! Sounds like a fun month!

Melinda Jones said...

HEATHER!!! How are you?! I was doing a little blogging and stumbled upon your cute family! My friend Amberlie is friends with Amy (Ben Simister's wife, which is how I found you). I am so glad that I found you, come visit me and my guys sometime! (You probably don't know that I had a baby boy, he was born in January, anyway, I am currently planning Jackson's and Olivia's wedding, do you have any input on the wedding cake? :)

Webers said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures!! Olivia is such a doll!! Did your sister take them? Is she taking new clients? Let me know.